Antique pieces on sale at Rossi's Flea Market

Seven Tips, Tricks And How To’s For Flea Markets

As you know I’m getting ready for the weekly flea market at Rossi’s Popup Mart. Those in the know find their way to the gorgeous town of the North Versailles every weekend full of antique and vintage shopping extravaganza. But wait, you say… You need the low down on how to get the best deals in town? Look no further, for I have put together a fun list of tips, tricks and how-to’s

Come early… yes, the early bird does get the worm and the best picks too. Vendors are ready to sell and sell they will. Don’t wait last moment or you’ll have a hard time finding.

Have Cash handy… you’ve heard it before, money talks (you know the rest). Vendors will be happy to give you their best price when you’re paying in cash. FYI, most will also take checks and some even credit cards.

Create a List… you’ll be focused and ready to tackle your design desires. Plus, it will keep your mind free for those moments of inspiration.

Be an Educated Buyer… follow your list and always know the ball park price. Check recent auction prices of what you’re in the market for so you’ll know if you’re getting a good deal, or a great deal. I always have great deals.

Eye the product … bring along a tape measure, and something to carry your items. You’ll know if that hand-woven table you boughtwill fit and then you’ll be able to carry the picture frames on top of it.

Don’t be a Downer… your smile and a kind word will go far with vendors, so be sure to have a few nice comments about their inventory – remember, if you don’t have anything nice to say (you know the rest). You may get a discount just because you were friendly.

Buy the Best… you’ll only cry once! Look for quality workmanship, ask the dealer if there’s any provenance (history) to the piece, signs of age and patina are good things. You’ll be buying something great and since you have such amazing taste, your heirs will definitely fight over it!

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