Plan Your Shopping Excursion at Rossi’s Flea Market

Shop for gifts, enjoy local food, explore fun events, and make memories with the entire family.

Explore all that Rossi’s has to offer!

  • Unique shopsRossi’s historic building will transport you into a vintage world as you peruse and shop a variety of vendors who sell nostalgic gems, hand crafted treasures, and popular trending items.
  • Delicious Food – Dine and snack in Rossi’s skylit atrium or at our outdoor tables. Local concession vendors and food trucks offer unique options and traditional flea market grub. You can also grab some fresh baked good or fresh produce to take home for later.
  • Complimentary Entertainment – Make memories with FREE entertainment provided to our shoppers with their FREE admission. Check out our events posted here.
  • New Treasures Each Weekend – Because Rossi’s is open every weekend (all year), there are a huge variety of vendors that keep coming back. New sellers are constantly bringing in fresh products. Every weekend is a new adventure at Rossi’s!
  • Support Small, Local Businesses – Support Pittsburgh small business owners when you shop with our incredibly unique vendors. Small local sellers have the desire and flexibility to cater to changing trends while always offering the treasures you expect when thrifting at a flea market.

Explore Rossi’s this weekend and see what catches your eye!

Shop for Treasure

Rossi’s has both inside and outside sellers, creating a unique shopping experience that keeps vendors and shoppers coming back weekend after weekend -for generations.

  • Find thoughtful gifts or treat yourself to unique treasures – Stroll through our many vendors and shop for one-of-a-kind presents for holidays, birthdays and anniversaries. Never go to a special occasion without a thoughtful gift for your friends and family. Or get something special for yourself.
  • Competitive prices – Save money and shop for bargains on everyday essentials like packaged snacks and food, fresh fruits and vegetables, tools, and toiletries.
  • So much to explore! There is always something new to uncover! Our outside vendors change every weekend. And indoor vendors switch up their inventory weekly.
  • Types of Shops – Diversity is Rossi’s specialty! Shop for an array of items including: crystals, customizable signs, antique decor, vintage clothing, tools, beautiful jewelry, baby clothes, paintings, handmade soap, and handcrafted Pittsburgh sports team items, just to name a few!

Snacks, Treats, Lunch

Our flea market is meant to provide entertainment for the entire day. With all that shopping, you’re going to need a bite to eat!

Events for the Entire Family

Free family friendly events for the community members in North Versailles, greater Pittsburgh, and beyond!

  • Events Calendar– Look forward to monthly events all year long! Visit our Events Page for specific dates.
  • Types of Events – We have events including live music, holiday parties, themed sales, popular character visits (think princesses and space rangers), and much more. There is something for everyone, every weekend! Keep up with us on our Facebook Page for upcoming events and details.

Different Treasures Every Weekend

With a diverse mix of products that change weekly, you can expect to find something new with every visit. Visit us for an unforgettable shopping experience every weekend.

  • Indoor Shops– Our indoor vendors usually stay month-to-month but are always switching up their inventory based on the season, holiday, or themed event. The indoor vendors are open all year round, every weekend.
  • Outdoor Shops -Our outdoor sellers change weekly. You are bound to find something that isn’t listed here! Our outdoor shops are open every weekend, weather permitting.

Support Pittsburgh Businesses

Our flea market is made of Pittsburghers who have started small shops and businesses. Support the local community and find special items you can cherish for a lifetime.

  • Shop Sustainably, with a Bargain– Looking for an alternative to the commercialized malls and the warehouse flea markets? Shop sustainably and avoid fast fashion by sourcing your purchases from our local resellers. Rock vintage clothing and decorate with antiques that hold value. Get more bang for your buck.
  • Support Pittsburghers– Our Pittsburgh small business vendors will appreciate your business! Feel good while shopping for thoughtful gifts and surprise your friends and family with something as one-of-a-kind as they are. Get excited – score deals on everyday essentials for your family.

Meet our Vendors

Explore some of our monthly and daily vendors. We have daily vendors that change from week to week, and visit Rossi’s for a different collection of shops.

Still have questions about your visit to Rossi’s Flea Market? Visit our FAQ page or call us at (412)-437-8702 and we will answer your questions and give you some excellent advice so you can get the most out of your trip to Rossi’s Flea Market in Pittsburgh, PA.